Malaysia B2B Email Database

Type of Malaysia B2B Database Services

We offer 3 types of B2B database marketing services to allow you having access to new target prospect and build high quality & hyper-targeted prospect lists to identify decision-makers and connect to them.

Bulk Email List

Targeted Email List

Email Finding Services

Solution 1: Bulk Email List

Bulk email marketing is a way to drive your business with the help of mass B2B emails, you can reach large audience in the least time possible and inexpensively. We offer you access of up to 100, 000 Malaysia PMEBs email list (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen).

Frequently Asked Questions

We have done testing on our email list before we release it. Our lists are only months old. We do the complete email verification run on all our email database:
- Syntax - a simple check to ensure the email address conforms to RFC standards.
- Domain - a lookup on the domain element of the email address to ensure it is configured to accept emails.
- Mailbox User - the in-depth part, where we check that the user really mailbox exists or not.

Malaysia B2B emails: C-level decision makers, business owners, managers, business executives, etc... ~100% Malaysia-based email recipients from all industry segment.
Yes we do. Do contact us for quote.

For Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) of Malaysia, for any direct marketing campaign via SMS, telemarketing, email, direct mail, it's categorized as direct marketing activities. Based on ACT 709 of PDPA under Section 43, an individual can opt-out from any direct marketing campaigns by informing or replying senders to stop sending information for promotion of services and products. Senders of direct marketing who receive such notification from individuals must take measures to comply within a reasonable period. Thus, we will work with client to collect any opt-out request and then remove their email address from our mailing list to comply with PDPA.

If you require a professional email newsletter design services, we can design your HTML email newsletter from scratch for a completely unique look at additional cost. However, if your content is ready, we can convert into HTML format at a small fee. Do contact us for quote.

Campaign report will be provided as a proof. It shows the number of emails delivered, opens, views, click through rates, etc... Click here for sample report

Client must submit to us all the necessary information for blasting (e.g. HTML newsletter content, photos, logo, etc…) one week before the date of campaign; we need 1 day to complete sending to all emails.

Yes. We believe that email marketing can help to create awareness and you should do it over and over again targeting the same recipient. However, we do add up some new emails once a month

Solution 2: Targeted Email Database

Find the prospects you’re looking for based on industry, location, company size, company revenue, job title, job function, and more. BUY or RENT are options to access our data:


Find & download database matched your list criteria. The order fee is a one-off fee for unlimited use. The purchased list file format is in Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xlsx). Pricing structure:


If you prefer to focus on one campaign at a time, our email list rental service is perfectly affordable solution:- simply buy email credits and then select your targeted email list to send. Pricing structure:

Frequently Asked Questions

Email list RENTAL is a service where the emails are sent on your behalf using your email creative and your campaign's details (your sender name & email, subject line) to our list of email contacts selected by you, managed by a campaign manager.
When you BUY contacts from us, you'll receive the same selected audience criteria as that of list rental, with the distinct advantage that you own the data (in Ms. Excel) and can therefore broadcast to those lists on an unlimited basis using third party email marketing software.

Yes! You may customize these ready lists so you can divide up a B2B target audience by using multiple criteria including job function, industry, location, management level, employee size, annual revenue. Do send us your list criteria to get exact data count from our campaign manager.
Our data is verified every few months. We will verify the deliverability of all email addresses we found, ensures you only send email to real users. On top of that, we offer guarantee rate of up to 90% validity on all purchased database or one-to-one data replacement allowed.

Depending on the list you choose, you will receive the following data fields for each contact:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Job Title
  • Direct Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Website URL
  • Business Description/ Industry
  • No of Employee
  • Annual Revenue (USD)
We recommend that you first get in touch with our account manager to confirm the data field availability, we could provide you a data review file before purchase.

Yes. We provide custom data finding services, for businesses that requires specialty lists instead of generic ones. We are able to collect and scrape public data (such as LinkedIn) to provide an advanced prospecting solution to help professionals launch email outreach campaigns to reach niche target audience. Do contact us for more.

Firstly, select your targeted email list based on industry, job title, etc., then buy email credits. Your account will be allocated with purchased email credits and is available forever with no expiry date. You may choose to create more than one targeted email list and send as separate campaign, anytime.
Example: If you have chosen to target C-suites which is having 6254 unique emails, you may sign up 20,000 credits and this allow you to send up to 3 campaigns (20,000 / 6254 = ~3 times) to C-suites list. However, if you have wider target audience such as C-suites, HR & IT personnel, you may sign up 10,000 credits and send out C-suites with 6254 emails, another separate campaign to target HR with 1181 emails, remaining credits (10000 – 6254 – 1181 = 2565) can be used to target IT with 2440 emails and so on. Do take note that each campaign incur fee of RM 200 / campaign.

We don't just provide you the data, but helping you develop an effective B2B Go-to-Market strategy to serve various customer segments across your target markets. Each customer receives a dedicated account manager who will assist you to ensure your email marketing campaigns always achieve optimum results. As an experienced email marketing firm together with our expertise and industry knowledge especially in Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, we can provide ideas that will improve your email campaign. Apart from email marketing, we also explore omni-channel approach that includes search engine marketing, social media Ads, and telemarketing campaign, to generate marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) in B2B marketing.

Solution 3: Email Finding Services

Don't see what you need? We can find email addresses in seconds and connect with people that matter for your business with our highly efficient email address collecting platform. We search through the web and find all email addresses of a company publicly available on the web. Then, we verify the entire list of email addresses to ensure validity and deliverability of any email addresses we have found.

BULK Email Finding

We can find email addresses from a list of companies or domain names, our system searches for database of publicly available professional email addresses and returns a list of email addresses for each domain name.

TARGETED Email Finding

Our algorithm smartly integrates with LinkedIn profile pages, indexes public web pages and simulates emails based on companies email patterns. We can find prospects based on industry, location, company size & revenue, job title, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

For BULK email finding, it is a service to find the email addresses behind any website. Example, given a company AirAsia, we can find all publicly available email address under domain of

  • i*******
  • m***
  • m******
  • z*****
  • w***
  • c****
  • c*******
  • m***
  • i***
  • b*****

For TARGETED email finding, each data contains more data fields such as Company Name, Name, Job Title, Direct Email, Industry, Company Size & Revenue etc. Generally, we scrape the email address directly from your prospect's professional social profile page ie LinkedIn. Each data might contain following data fields:
  • Company Name: SAP
  • Name: John Doe
  • Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
  • Direct Email:
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Employee Size: 100,000

With BULK email finding, we can find the email address of a list of people working in certain location or specific industry.
  • Location / Geo-Targeting: Geo-targeting refers to the practice of delivering email content a recipient based on his or her geographic location, it can be as simple as a ZIP code to specific geographic coordinates. With bulk email search, we can generate a list of email addresses of professionals working in companies located within specific area.
  • Specific Industry Targeting: Segmenting your efforts by industry using specific email content sets for specific industries will allow more thorough engagement with your prospects. Through the use of SIC codes, we can identify companies by industry and generate a list of domain names for bulk email search, to ensure that your email campaign is served only to users who work in relevant industries.
All the email addresses go through an email verification before released to you. However, some email addresses couldn't be validated (our email validation software received "Unknown" status), if you send out and receive high bounce rate over "Unknown" email data, we shall offer one-to-one data replacement.

Upon placement of order till receiving the database ordered:

  • BULK email finding: Depending on amount of email data ordered, generally it takes about 1-2 weeks to collect a list of domain names of your target companies, and less than a week to find email addresses behind these domain names.
  • TARGETED email finding: Upon client onboarding process to identify your target audience profile, we can scrape about 30-60 email contacts per working day.
We recommend that you first get in touch with our account manager to check the data scraping feasibility so we can give a better estimate of timeframe required to deliver.

Yes. We are B2B database provider leveraging on software and technology to help you find quality leads with our full-featured email scraping platform, the data we may collect does not limit to Southeast Asia region.

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